Operations Consulting

Operations Consulting

Expert professional advice to improve the services provided by the medical facility.

Operations Consulting is a professional consultancy service for the medical field consisting of three steps:

  1. Assessment: analysis and examination of the current situation of the facility (AS-IS) and identification of all aspects of hospital management issues, both from an administrative point of view and a digital and technological one.
  2. Planning: following the analysis carried out, various types of solutions for the hospital are defined in order to guarantee a clear improvement in terms of management with more suitable instruments. This is all done not only to be more competitive compared to other medical facilities, but also to ensure top service levels for all patients.
  3. Simulation: Onit Sanità’s consultants are ready to generate a simulation on the new scenario to solve any issues with an actual check and assessment on the systems chosen for the transition. Moreover, this is done before a potential large investment for the healthcare facility.

All the medical doctors that choose Onit Sanità’s services can count on a team of professional consultants specialising in the healthcare sector, both from a technological/expert point of view and an administrative/financial one.


  • Structured strategic investments to improve the facility
  • Quick access to innovation tools
  • Economic investment guidance
  • Analysis and objective verification of healthcare operations
  • Minimum risk with a simulation of suggested solutions

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