Clinical Engineering

Clinical Engineering

Clear and effective management of all clinical engineering activities carried out in the healthcare facility with the OnBiomed module.

Klinika provides healthcare facilities with the option of streamlining inventory assets, document management and corrective maintenance management. Plus, with the Contracts module you can clearly organise all equipment covered by a maintenance contract, as well as monitor times for call resolutions and the performance of planned checks.


  • Entirely online user-friendly platform;
  • Quick view of technical information on assets in terms of maintenance via the dedicated Mobile APP;
  • Customised dashboard with monitoring of call resolution times, management costs and activities carried out;
  • Simpler hospital accounting with application integrations and dedicated procedures;
  • Option of creating a scalable configuration with profiles dedicated to ward users;
  • Security, ministerial and local alerts managed efficiently;
  • Option of setting specific KPIs and managing them clearly and easily.

All the features of
Clinical Engineering

Hospital Assets Database

Manage the assets of the healthcare facility simply and effectively.

Klinika is the comprehensive solution you can use to effectively manage the assets of the healthcare facility, including the management of manuals and the paperless management of the machine’s diary, by also logging any variations.

Mobile APP

View all hospital assets quickly and easily with Mobile APP.

With the Mobile APP module, you can view all the assets of the healthcare facility by searching them by barcode, QR code, RFID and inventory number. You can also view documents and manuals with the contact details of technical personnel.

Call Management

Manage corrective maintenance calls quickly and easily.

With Klinika, you can manage calls via dedicated workflows, such as the opening of the ward, the call centre or technical personnel. You can also swiftly manage spare parts, repairs offsite, quotes, final balances and much more.

Scalability and Customisation

Easily manage the configuration of roles and permissions in a scalable way.

Klinika ensures scalability for the configuration of roles and access permissions. Plus, it ensures easy and optimal management via the software for all the professional roles for enabled profiles.

Evaluation Module

Easily manage assets for evaluation with deadlines and authorisation flows.

The evaluation asset management module allows for an effective management of the authorisation flow and provides the option of interacting with ward profile users quickly and easily. Moreover, deadlines and returns are easier to manage.

Contract Management

Optimise the organisation and management of contract information.

Klinika is the ideal solution to manage contracts, especially when it comes to defining the various general and annual clauses. It also allows for a streamlined management of the termination period for penalty clauses and agreed amounts, thereby guaranteeing greater control for the facility’s administration.

Management of Checks and Preventive Maintenance

Carry out checks and preventive maintenance effectively and efficiently.

You can use Klinika to upload checks and preventive maintenance easily and swiftly. Plus, you can automatically import all the work conducted by contractors.

Maintenance Plan

Effectively manage the maintenance plan for streamlined control.

Monitoring all the activities of a healthcare facility is no easy task, though Klinika allows for an optimised management of the maintenance plan over individual assets with the option of generating clear and accurate hospital and ward reports.

Inventory Module

Periodically check the asset inventory clearly and easily.

Klinika’s module designed for performing asset inventories is ideal for an easy periodical check of your fleet of machines.

Manage KPIs

Effectively monitor tasks by setting KPI indexes.

With Klinika you can configure KPI indexes to fully monitor all the activities of the service, such as IPS and call resolution times.

Expiration Schedules

Easily and effectively monitor all contract expirations.

Klinika provides a clear and efficient module to monitor contract expirations, as well as deadlines for warranties and batteries associated with assets.

Manage Documents

Easily streamline how documents and manuals are managed.

Managing all the documents is not an easy task for a facility. With Klinika you can have everything under control. Indeed, manuals for CIVAB models, private documents, as well as documents on assets, calls and maintenance can be carried out and managed quickly and clearly with the help of the dedicated module.

Investment Plan

Always keep an eye on equipment supplies and budgets for requests.

With Klinika you can continuously and constantly monitor the approval flow of requests, as in the case of equipment procurement, even when performed by ward managers, with the allocation of the budget and hospital tenders.

Maintenance Plan Utilities

Manage tasks with the dedicated uploading and extraction utilities of the maintenance plan.

Streamlined management of tasks, either carried out internally and/or by contractors, with specific dedicated utilities used to extract and upload the maintenance plan as an Excel file.

Regional/Hospital Flow Management Utility

Streamline data exports based on regional and ministerial requirements.

With Klinika you can optimise the flow of data in line with hospital, regional and ministerial requirements.

Monitoring Utility

Effectively monitor activities with implementations and scheduling.

Klinika provides monitoring utilities for tasks that can be activated with control query implementations, with the option of planning them. Plus, the query results allow for the transmission of preset or dynamic recipients.

Management Control Dashboard

Use a dedicated dashboard for maintenance resolution purposes.

With Klinika you can clearly follow the whole maintenance resolution process in its entirety, from expenses to the activities of in-house technicians thanks to the implementation of graphic dashboards.

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