Doctors, patients and healthcare facilities managed at the touch of a click.

KLINIKA: digital efficiency at the service of healthcare.

Klinika is a software suite for hospitals, health centres and private clinics designed to digitalise and simplify every aspect of the facility’s admin, doctor schedules and the course of treatment for patients.

About us

Klinika is a product designed and developed by Onit Sanità. Set up in 2021, Onit Sanità relies on a team of professionals with extensive experience in the healthcare software solutions sector. With its superior technological expertise and thorough knowledge of the sector, Onit Sanità is the ideal technological partner for any hospital and health centre aiming for efficient management.

A single software, many options

Klinika is a complete modular solution to simplify and streamline every aspect of managing a medical facility.

How it works

Klinika is a management software users can access from a computer, smartphone or tablet, which makes it extremely flexible and convenient. Plus, the suite comes in three versions: Full Cloud, Private Cloud and In-house, so that it can adapt to any situation.

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