Management Control

Management Control

The application module is used to make the best use of the information on the Klinika platform.

Klinika CDG is the application module used to make the best use of the information on the platform.

The solution provides a package of interactive dashboards that help analyse and look into all the events relating to the hospital’s business. Plus, you can fully manage regional/ministerial flows with a view of the entire lifecycle of data.


  • Concise and efficient dashboard to analyse the whole hospital process;
  • Full interactive dashboards for every single business area within Klinika;
  • Easy identification of most efficient production lines;
  • Dashboard customisation based on specific client needs;
  • Intuitive qualitative/quantitative monitoring dashboard for regional and ministerial flows;
  • Secure and controlled process to transmit flows at every stage.

All the features of
Management Control

Regional and Ministerial Flows

Easily organise flow data with checks and relative reports.

With Klinika you can prepare and organise flow data and check for correctness and completeness, making it easier to process information, which can also be corrected offline.

Business Intelligence

Full, customisable dashboard for details on hospital processes.

Entirely customisable and interactive, the dashboard provided by Klinika ensures you can accurately examine information to understand the efficiency and effectiveness of your hospital processes with a data-driven approach.

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