Online Booking System

Online Booking System

Easily and intuitively manage all schedules and bookings for patient treatments.

With Klinika’s online booking module, you can fully and intuitively manage all schedules and bookings for any treatment provided by healthcare facilities.

This applies both to the Italian national health system and self-employed professionals, thereby ensuring an efficient flow in terms of admissions, invoicing and collection of payments for treatments.


  • Clear and simple dashboards designed to bring together all patient information and easily browse through it;
  • Automatic and manual bookings with the option of managing multiple resources;
  • Clearly and fully digitalised documents: from graphometric signatures to digital storage;
  • Fast and advanced invoicing system for insurance companies and government agencies;
  • Full management on how fees are paid out to both clinical and non-clinical healthcare personnel.

All the features of
Online Booking System

Patient Entry and Management

Successfully enter and manage patients with a quick and effective service.

With Klinika, you can quickly create and manage patient records. This not only makes work easier for secretarial staff, but also guarantees an excellent and effective service for all patients to ensure satisfaction and loyalty.

Quick and Easy Bookings

Patient appointments that are easy to book and manage – a breeze.

Quick, simple and user-friendly: Klinika is the solution that enables you to decide how to book all patient appointments and manage them swiftly directly in the schedule based on available resources.

Invoicing and Collection of Payments

Book, invoice and manage payments in a simple, single integrated solution.

Klinika fully streamlines bookings, invoicing and payments with a view of making all the admin work quicker.

Reception and Admission

Simpler patient reception and admission with no waiting times.

Better organised appointment schedule and as little waiting time as possible for patients, also allowing for self-admissions.


Easy invoicing with the option of sending all your information to the Italian Revenue Agency in a digital form.

With Klinika, you can generate, save and digitally transmit all the invoices issued by the facility’s administration to the Italian Revenue Agency quickly and correctly.

Doctor Fees

Define doctor fees quickly and efficiently.

Fast with no risk of errors: accurately define fees for every professional based on treatments and automatically calculate the amount due to doctors based on expertise.

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