Mobile Services

Mobile Services

Option of autonomously managing bookings, payments and more thanks to the mobile services for patients.

The Klinika solution lets patients book treatments and visits based on schedules and constraints set by the facility, making work easier for front-office staff.

Patients just need to have access to a computer or the dedicated Mobile APP (available for iOS and Android) to very easily book referrals, make payments and view medical reports.


  • Optimised management of relationships with patients;
  • Administrative procedures made as simple as possible;
  • Easy and intuitive interface for the online portal and Mobile APP;
  • Easy access from any device (computer, smartphone and tablet) 24/7;
  • Focus on compliance privacy and the GDPR for patients.

All the features of
Mobile Services

Alerts and Messages

Communicate quickly and easily with your patients.

With Klinika, the healthcare facility can quickly communicate with patients by sending them a text message or push alerts such as appointment reminders, to promote initiatives, inform them that their medical report is ready and any useful communication.


Easily decide which time slots and treatments you want to make available to patients.

The Klinika solution lets patients access either only the treatments or only the time slots set by the facility, so that they can book their visits, check the schedule of appointments and much more.

Digital Security Card and Self-Admission

Identify patients on the premises in the real time with the digital security card.

With the digital security card, you can identify patients on the premises and use a whole series of fast and automated services in real time, e.g. self-admission and reserved access to certain areas.


A convenient way for patients to pay and download documents.

With the Klinika solution patients can comfortably pay by credit card via channels such as PayPal and Stripe. Plus, administrative documents like invoices and receipts can be quickly downloaded.

View of Reports

Patients can easily view medical reports in full compliance with confidentiality requirements and the GDPR.

Klinika lets all patients view and download medical reports and diagnostics results, entirely in line with current regulations in terms of privacy and GDPR requirements.

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