The best way of managing all hospital activities, such as patient admission, discharge and transfer.

Klinika is the integrated system ensuring better planning for admissions and optimal pre-op preparation management: from patient reception to the recording of any transfers. Indeed, the software solution also helps effectively manage patient discharges, admission reports (for private clinics as well) both under the Italian national health system and with private insurance companies – quickly and easily.


  • Step-based configuration for pre-admission preparation and bookings for pre-op tests;
  • Streamlined management of admissions, discharges and ward transfers;
  • Full control over the various operating areas (surgical, medical and rehabilitative);
  • Clearly organised admissions for paying patients, those under the Italian national health system or insured patients;
  • Information on the treatments provided and comfort levels of overnight stays can be recorded quickly.

All the features of

Operation Offers and Waiting Lists

Efficiently organise operation offers and waiting lists!

Klinika provides a clear and efficient solution to effectively organise admission offers and waiting lists for all doctors.

Admission Bookings and Pre-Admission Preparation

Easy and flexible bookings for admissions and pre-admission preparation.

Streamlined management of pre-admission preparation with targeted booking for tests and/or specialist examinations for all patients based on the operation and type of admission.

Patient Admissions

Patient admissions are quick and user-friendly with Klinika.

Patients are welcomed quickly and easily in the ward or admissions office of the healthcare facility: the reception procedure has never been so user-friendly.

Transfer Management and Discharges

Follow patients effectively when they are transferred between wards and discharged.

With Klinika, you can efficiently create a log showing transfers between wards by accurately tracking patients on the premises. Plus, discharges are easier to carry out with a quick check on patient data.

DRG Calculation with 3M Grouper Interface

Send diagnostic and surgical procedure data to the 3M Grouper easily and quickly.

Klinika provides an efficient solution to transmit diagnostic and surgical procedure data coded on hospital records to the 3M Grouper swiftly and efficiently.

Report of Hospitalisations under the Italian National Health Service

Klinika quickly and accurately calculates the report of hospitalisations under the Italian national health service.

Avoid issues and errors with the hospitalisation report. Klinika quickly calculates the full hospitalisation report for patients based on the DRG and, more importantly, on any agreements with the Italian national health service – easily and accurately.

Invoicing Hospitalisations to Private Patients

Efficiently manage hospitalisation invoices for private patients.

Streamlined organisation, invoices for the hospitalisations of private patients issued quickly and easily with price lists linked to set contracts or individual doctors.

Medical Fees

Easily calculate medical fees for treatments and operations provided.

Quickly calculate all medical fees based on operations, treatments and invoices for services provided to patients.

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