Operating Theatres

Operating Theatres

The module to ensure operating theatres are managed as efficiently as possible in terms of planning and dealing with administrative and healthcare aspects.

Klinika is the ideal solution for full control over all the administrative and healthcare aspects related to the management of operating theatres. Efficient organisation for operating rooms thanks to greater support provided to surgeons in running their jobs and medical records enhanced with access and information that can be entered on mobile devices – this is all done swiftly and effortlessly.


  • Fully digitalised operating theatre documents;
  • Extreme convenience and immediacy with the electronic anaesthesiology record;
  • Full integration with the ward’s medical record;
  • Accurate tracking of operating theatre times and practical surgical report;
  • Clear and full integration with regional flows;
  • Easy management to form the team in place in the operating theatre;
  • Quick and full coverage of anaesthesiology and pre-admission visits;
  • Surgical checklists that are swift and easy to fill in.

All the features of
Operating Theatres

Operating Theatre Task Planning

Effectively organise and plan all operating theatre activities.

Having well-organised and efficient operating theatres is essential to guarantee the best to patients and healthcare personnel. Klinika therefore provides efficient and advanced tools to check the occupancy of operating theatres in order to plan all activities quickly and accurately.

Preparing the Operation

Organise the operation preparation stage with a single, easy and comprehensive tool.

With Klinika you can manage the operation preparation stage quickly and easily thanks to the integration of administrative data, outpatient reports, bookings and ward records. This ensures everything is under control and in a simple and complete instrument.

Surgical Report

Quickly display all patient data and fill in the operating theatre report in the bat of an eye.

Full support for surgeons to fill in the operating theatre report with the help of an integrated display of patient healthcare data. Moreover, there are partially pre-filled templates to make the report as easy as possible to fill in.

Anaesthesiology Record

Swiftly fill in the anaesthesiology record with immediate access to documentation.

The anaesthetist can access all patient pre-admission documents to ensure the record is filled in swiftly and clearly directly in the operating theatre with the vital signs, respiration and medication. Feature available on various electronic devices.

Operating Theatre Record

Streamline healthcare documentation of the operating theatre by going fully digital.

With Klinika, you can store and streamline the organisation of all the healthcare documentation to be filled out in the operating theatre entirely digitally for the purposes of preparing the operation.

Nursing Integration with the Ward

All healthcare professionals can quickly access patient documents.

No more paper or loose documents in the hospitalisation ward and operating theatres, though all healthcare professionals will be able to very easily access records and prescriptions made by others and this will all be in the medical record.

Team Management

Team members are always well organised in terms of shifts and operations.

With the Klinika solution, the members of the various teams can swiftly organise themselves by communicating clearly with each other. Taking turns in the operating room for operations and the recording of shift schedules are thus managed clearly and easily.

Material and Prosthesis Consumption Management

Effectively manage the consumption of hospital materials and prostheses.

All the materials and prostheses are clearly and easily recorded for evaluation and in a consignment account to ensure full traceability in order to match the patient/operation with the cost centre.

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