24/7 Customer Care

24/7 Customer Care

Fast and outstanding customer care for healthcare professionals with support to help them use digital technology efficiently.

The customer care service provides quick and simple assistance to all healthcare professionals using the Klinika software, ensuring they can speak directly with appointed technicians. In order to simplify and solve any issues that may arise during normal work on the software, Onit Sanità is at your service with dedicated support to ensure clients that patient requests are solved quickly and accurately. The aim is to achieve high digital efficiency within your hospital.

Providing plenty of support to patients is a strategic and essential requirement for the healthcare sector. Guaranteeing a fast and efficient response from the help desk is now a key feature to present yourself as a healthcare facility with a high quality and extremely innovative service.

This is why Onit Sanità provides a team of customer care professionals available 24/7 to ensure professional support that is always clear and ready to solve any kind of problem whilst complying with the standards guaranteed by the various levels of service (SLA).


  • A team of professionals always available with a dedicated help desk
  • Information exchanges monitored via a ticketing system
  • Reports are taken care of within a set guaranteed timeframe
  • Blocking problems are dealt with within a set guaranteed timeframe
  • 24/7 customer support for personnel during night shifts
  • Full coverage 24/7 to always be ready for any eventuality

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