ICT Infrastructure

ICT Infrastructure

Design and creation of systemic healthcare infrastructure to constantly improve hospital management.

The ICT Infrastructure services provided by Onit Sanità focus on a thorough analysis of the existing health system infrastructure by identifying opportunities and problems through:

The design and implementation of data centres at the medical facility, in addition to the potential implementation of one of the programs available as part of the Klinika suite;

Design and implementation of Cloud Services that are either shared or dedicated to the implementation of services currently used in the software suite of the healthcare facility;

Design and creation of network infrastructure (e.g. Wi-Fi coverage, health equipment storage analysis, optimal management for booking visits, etc.);

Supply of devices and hardware specifically dedicated to the healthcare sector.

The main purpose of the above services is to improve hospital management as much as possible, by also optimizing costs and to ensure an efficient and optimal experience for all patients. We take care of the whole healthcare systemic structure, adapting it to the needs of today and tomorrow.


  • Reliability and efficiency for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Development of dedicated Cloud services
  • 24/7 network monitoring
  • Optimised costs for hardware and specialised ICT personnel
  • Digital innovation for improved management service
  • Enhanced security against cyberattacks and computer viruses

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