Efficient warehouse logistics management and highly organised manufacturing and distribution of medical supplies.

Klinika is the efficient solution that guarantees the full management of logistics for the main warehouses, wards and the administration of the whole production and distribution of healthcare material in real time.

This ensures organisation and efficiency for incoming orders, customer enquiries, the loading and unloading of items from warehouses and consignment management. Moreover, you can have full control over movements and stock on hand. This will not only ensure greater efficiency but also greater savings.


  • Considerably lower cost of labour in the warehouse;
  • Reliable stock on hand in real time;
  • Lower minimum stock levels;
  • Lower inventory corrections due to loss of materials;
  • Constant communication with the ERP and with Klinika’s EMR and Operating theatre modules;
  • As least waste as possible thanks to a streamlined management and rotation of deadlines.

All the features of

Orders and Customer Enquiries

Efficiently manage orders and streamline customer enquiries.

Klinika ensures accurate and streamlined management for internal warehouse orders and external ones from suppliers/manufacturers. Plus, order drafts are automatically prepared by the software, which also checks if any items are understocked.

Loading, Unloading and Internal Transfers

Accurately manage all loading and unloading operations for goods.

Operations to load goods in the warehouse and the exit of goods (as in the case of transfers or consumption of material) are managed clearly and precisely with Klinika. Plus, the process is perfectly integrated with the functional components of the Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Operating theatre and Clinical engineering modules.

Summary of Movements and Statistics

Easily view statistics and lists in various formats.

Easily view statistics and lists with data processed by period, item, description, warehouse, supplier, user and much more. Moreover, with Klinika you can export the list of movements in various formats, either in an aggregate form or in detail.


Effectively organise logistics and stock records with stock on hand in real time.

Klinika lets you manage logistics and stock records clearly and comprehensively, with details on stock in hand in the main hospital warehouses and ward warehouses in real time.

Consignment Management

Easily manage material directly in the consignment warehouse.

With Klinika, you can manage material directly in the relevant consignment warehouse, as in the case of stocking, consumption and transfers towards hospital warehouses. Moreover, an automatic alert can be sent to the supplier when items run out with the purchase order generated at the same time.

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